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Characters in game with their element: Quatre Raberba Winner | Water

Character Name: James Pleodies Hawkins
Canon: Disney's Tresure Planet
Canon Point:
How quickly will they learn how to bend?



Jim was born to the owners of the Admiral Benbow Inn on the planet Montresser. Even at the young age of three, Jim was fascinated by the spacers and pirates of old. He grew up quickly, mostly raised by his mother Sarah as his father was either not home or had little interest in him. By age eight, he'd built his first Solar Surfer (a skysurfing board with a motor powered by a solar sail) and was known for being a bit of a trouble maker. When he was eleven, his father left to travel the stars. After that, Jim wasn't the same.

He began to quickly spiral into destructive pattern that would lead to his eventual arrest and incarceration if he was unable to clean up his act. Chance instead gave him the opportunity of a life time. After being brought home by the police yet again for solar surfing in a restricted area, and thus breaking conditions of his probation, an old spacer crashed just outside the Benbow. The seemingly crazy spacer started in about being chased as soon as Jim tried to help him. As soon as the young boy managed to help the injured spacer into the Benbow, he opened his chest, pulling out a sphere and giving it to Jim. Billy Bones insisted that they watch out for, and never trust the Cyborg that had been after him. As the old spacer spoke his final warning, the pirates chasing him arrived, hot on the trail of the thing they'd been searching for. Jim, his mother and their friend Dr. Dobbler escaped the burning inn, retreating to the Doctor's home.

Unfortunately the Benbow had been lost in the fire, and now Jim and his mother were left with nothing, except the strange sphere. Turning it over in his hands, Jim managed to open the device, revealing a holographic map of the galaxy. The map lead to none other than Treasure Planet, the home of the legendary Captain Flint's stash of treasure. If they could make it to Treasure Planet, all their problems would be sloved! They would be able to rebuild the Inn, and would never have to worry about money again. Dr. Dobbler excited by the idea of adventure just as much as Jim agreed to finance the expedition, and convinced Jim's mother that some time out in space might do him some good.

After arriving at the Space Port, Jim, along with Dr. Dobbler in a rather ridiculous space suit, made their way to the RLS Legacy, which would be their home for the next few months. Jim was amazed by everything that was going on with the ship. He couldn't help but run on deck, quickly bumping into the helm's man and having a less than great exchange with the odd alien. Dr. Dobbler stepped in however and cleared up the matter in the alien's own language. After that, they continued on to meet the Captain, a feline-like alien, who was fast talking and stern. Captain Amelia's First Mate, Mr. Arrow was stern in a harsher manner, but seemed to have a loyal soft spot for the Captain. The Captain quickly got the impression that Dr. Dobbler was the bumbling, yet kind Doctor that he was, and took a great interest in teasing him. However as soon as he started to mention the map while introducing Jim, she wrapped her hand around his snout and took the two explorers to her state room where they could speak in some privacy.

In her state room, Amelia continued to tell both Jim and Dr. Dobbler how she did not trust the crew that had been hired. And how it would be wise, not to speak about the map in front of them. She then asked Jim for the map, which he reluctantly gave to her. Locking the map away, reiterated her dislike of the crew. After which she informed him that he would be working for the cook, as a cabin boy. Jim wasn't happy with this arrangement, but if it got him to Treasure Planet, he was willing to find some way to deal with being treated like a child.

Mr. Arrow brought Jim and Dr. Dobbler down to the galley to meet the cook, John Silver. He was a cyborg, making Jim instantly suspicious of the man. Silver however was a jolly sort, and proceeded to joke with them as he prepared a stew for them to try. Jim was wary of it, but was saved having to try any by the appearance of Silver's pet, Morph, a shape shifter that Silver had rescued years before. Morph took an instant liking to Jim as the bell rang indicating the voyage was about to be underway. Mr. Arrow told Jim he would have to stay with Sliver, which with the discovery that the old cook was a cyborg, Jim objected to quite vocally. Surprisingly, Sliver objected as well, not wanting to be saddled with the untrained boy. Left alone with each other in the galley, Jim tried to pry any hint that Sliver might be the cyborg he'd been warned about from him. But Sliver brushed it off easily, an sent Jim up to watch the launch.

Up on deck, Jim was again fascinated by all the goings on aboard the ship. The solar sails being unfurled and charging, the artificial gravity and the exciting jolt as the thrusters engaged and launched the vessel into space. As a pod of Orcus Galacticus passed by the ship, Sliver came up on deck to speak with the Captain. She gave him no quarter and pointed out Jim, who was hanging about in the rigging, rather than working as she expected him to be. Sliver quickly remedied this, giving Jim a mop and bucket, and the task of swabbing the deck. As he was doing just that, he managed to run afoul some of the more dangerous crew members, including Mr. Scroup. Some well placed insults quickly had Jim on the losing end of a fight with Scroup, which was only stopped when Sliver intervened, followed by Mr. Arrow. When the crowd had dispersed, Sliver asked what Jim thought he was doing, picking a fight with Scroup. Later that night, Jim revealed to Sliver that he hadn't had anyone to teach him how to pick his battles, or much of anything since his father had left. Hearing this, Sliver decided to take the boy under his wing, and teach the boy what he could. Only seeing this as work, Jim voiced his objection, and his desire to be left alone by Sliver, but the cook would have none of it.

During the next few months, Sliver taught Jim knots, and how to fly a skiff, and worked him harder than he'd ever worked before. But Jim rose to every challenge, and soon was quite attached to Sliver, viewing him as a sort of father figure. After taking out one of the skiffs for a ride, Sliver praised Jim for his handling of the small vessel. While Jim says most people back home wouldn't really expect great things from him, he was determined to change it, and had a plan even. At this, Sliver warned him that things don't always go according to how you want them. Thinking that he's referring to how he lost his arm, leg and eye, Jim asks how it happened and gets a vague answer back. But Sliver tells him that he hopes it would have all been worth it soon. Without warning the ship rocked violently. As they came on deck, Jim and Sliver discovered that a nearby star had just gone super nova and was hurling debris out into space. Tying on life lines, they followed the rest of the crew up into the rigging to haul in the sails. Sliver was knocked off of one of the yard arms, but Jim was able to grab his line and haul him back in. Once the sails were tied down again, the Captain ordered them to unfurl them again. The star had turned from a super nova to a black hole and was pulling them in. However Dr. Dobbler was able to find a pattern in the megellas that rocked the ship, pulsing out from the black hole, and they waited for the final and largest of them to send them catapulting to safety. Captain Amelia ordered Jim to check all the life lines, which he did, finding them all secure. As soon as the ship was no longer in danger, the Captain asked Mr. Arrow if everyone was accounted for. Hearing no answer, she turned to Mr. Scroup who came down from aloft carrying the officer's hat and saying that Mr. Arrow's life line had not been secured. Upon inspection they found this to be true and all eyes turned to Jim. Upset that he'd screwed up, Jim ran off to be by himself. After some time had passed, Sliver came to try and cheer Jim up. In the end the encouragement Sliver gave him was enough not to lose all the progress he'd made on the voyage so far, and get right back up again.

Jim's next morning started off earlier than he had wanted. He was woken by his flatulent bunk mate. Morph then proceeded to steal his boot and send him chasing the shape shifter all over the ship, finally ending up in a barrel in the galley. As Jim was about to climb out of the barrel to leave, Sliver and over members of the crew filled the galley with the talk of mutiny. While the realization that his 'friend' was really a blood thirsty pirate. The thing that hurt Jim the most, was Sliver claiming that the friendship meant nothing, that it was only a ruse to get Jim out of the way. A call from on deck signaled that land had been spotted, and the crew members gathering, Sliver included rushed up to see. Jim slowly left his hiding place, shocked, but still aware of the danger Dr. Dobbler, the Captain and he himself were in.

Skills/Abilities: Jim is a mechanical genius. He can pull together almost any pile of junk in his steampunk based world and create something functional. He's also a natural pilot/spacer.

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